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Eker Group is fully owned and managed by the Norwegian born and based Industrial Designer, entrepreneur and Innovator, Bård Eker. Out of a series of product- and business- developments, often enhanced through the design- and development work done by Eker Design, companies have been established.

Eker Group as a owner or co-owner has the intention of creating successful business entities, within a variation of product markets. With the knowledge and understanding that there is a time for everything, Eker Group focuses on the early- or mid- stage of the entities development phases, but has also the intention of bringing new ideas into existing companies with the need of change for improvement or new market opportunities.

Our main mission is to create companies out of passion and knowledge, to create new experiences for the end user of their products.



Bård Eker
CEO & Founder
Mobile:   +47 90 69 11 94
E-mail:    bard@eker.no

Christina Østvik
Mobile:   +47 94 43 84 39
E-mail:    christina@eker.no

Merethe Halvorsrød
Mobile:   +47 98 05 60 14
E-mail:    merethe@eker.no

Kim Patrick Nyheim
Mobile:   +47 45 45 80 91
E-mail:   kim.nyheim@eker.no

Hanne Haukeland
Mobile:   +47 97 11 57 22
E-mail:    hanne@eker.no

Siv Bjørnstad
Mobile:   +47 91 77 45 19
E-mail:    siv@eker.no