Founded 2015
Production in Fredrikstad
Healthcare Industry

EpiGuard is a Norwegian company founded in 2015. A group of doctors at the Oslo University Hospital established the company, together with co-founders Inven2, Eker Group, and Hansen Protection. The products are manufactured at the Torsnes plant, outside Fredrikstad.

The company holds top level expertise with product development and manufacturing.  The medical background ranges from intensive care, infectious diseases, internal medicine, and anesthesiology, through to transport medicine.

The company’s first product is the EpiShuttle, and it was developed by clinical experts. With their first-hand experience in providing advanced treatment and transportation of patients, the innovative and functional shuttle became a reality. Highly infectious diseases, including Ebola, are kept under control, as well as the medical staff is protected from infections.

The ambition is to expand the range through further development of high-end medical equipment for safe transport of contagious patients.

The EpiShuttle is an award-winning design, developed with direct input and guidance from clinical experts, medics, and patients. It has undergone rigorous testing to ensure compliance with CEN 1789. It can be used with confidence whether travelling by land, sea, or air.

EpiGuard Production

Torsnesveien 210 B
1634 Gamle Fredrikstad