Hydrolift Engineering

Founded 2018
Headquartered in Fredrikstad
Marine Industry

30 years of expertise

Based on years of experience in the custom boat and vessel business, this company offers services to projects outside the traditional marine industry. For many companies, closeness to production connected to high flexibility is of high importance. Hydrolift Engineering provides a lean product development process from the concept stage to final production. The company has long traditions of custom and small-scale production for high demanding customers representing both the private and professional market

By focusing on a one-shop-delivery strategy from the start to the delivery of documented prototypes and customized production Hydrolift Engineering makes a difference for many companies.

Advanced design and simulation tools secure a fast design and development process creating more time for testing prototypes in their correct element – leaving no stone unturned. All tests are aimed at optimizing quality and durability compliant to EU standards and meeting high customer expectations and demands.

Simulation at an early stage of the development phase will avoid mistakes and failures. However – no matter how much computer testing that is made – there is nothing so important as real life testing in the products right type of environment. Hydrolift Engineering has long experience in all types of product testing from in a variety of different product categories. The crew consist of highly engaged and motivated individuals working within modern premises in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Hydrolift Engineering

Mosseveien 53
1610 Fredrikstad