Do you have a passion for writing and engaging others through digital media platforms?


If you wake up in the morning with a passion for writing and engaging others, with a knack for all things digital, and a personality that others would describe as passionate, focused and driven, you might just be the one we are looking for. 

We think you know social media like nobody else. Not only Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok, but also LinkedIn, Youtube and even the next big thing. You enjoy the digital engagement and the magic that happens when the right message, paired with the right image or video, hits the right audience. 

You are fully aware that social media and content means business, and that you will be in charge of our window to the world. From our websites to our social media accounts. You will be making digital marketing plans, and follow up on those. And you will be the one making most of the content you put out there. You will interview our designers and engineers, create the stories that will drive our brands, and work closely with our communications team and brand specialists that are taking care of the Eker brands. 

Simply put, you will be in charge of creating, managing and distributing great content to grow our portfolio. 

We know you are an excellent writer, in both Norwegian and in English (and yes, it needs to be both, 100%), and that you know your tech. You probably know quite a bit about video production and design, and our best guess is that you have been exposed to (and possibly master) all kinds of Adobe products. 

We are unsure of your education, or your age. You may be 20 and a superb talent, or anything between that and 65. You may be an educated journalist or marketeer, or a racecar driver with a passion for writing great content. 

We do hope you like design. Actually we want you to love it. And that you are intrigued by the art of engineering – and are keen to find out how these two disciplines can create the greatest products on the planet. 


We won’t be listing all of the usual things, like salary, a desk, a computer, lunch and insurance. That we will agree on together. 

What we do want to talk about is that you will be part of a company that is going places, growing in all directions, nationally and internationally, and that has been part of shaping Norwegian (and international) history with innovative products, solutions and ideas for the better part of 30 years. 

We want you to be a part of it all. In Oslo and in Fredrikstad. Imagine a bit of traveling between those locations, and to be responsible for creating your own success from day one. 


Eker Group consists of Eker Design, a leading performance design and engineering company, Hydrolift and Hydrolift Pro, a world leading performance boat producer for the private and professional market, Hydrolift Smart City Ferries (“Hyke”), the next generation waterborne mobility, Eker Performance, one of Norway’s most renowned stores for Ducati, CanAm, Fliteboard and Seadoo, and Epiguard, a specialist med-tech company, serving the global health care and emergency infrastructure. Together, we count more than 100 colleagues in Oslo and Fredrikstad. 


Tell us why you should be that person? Write your story. Create your content. And attach your CV and the things you are proud of. 

Questions? Reach out to our COO, Halvor Vislie:, tel: 976 40 446, or Chief People Officer – Annika Kluge,, tel: 990 81 957.

The remaining question now is – do you want to be a part of it?

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