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Eker Group is a leading player in design, development and manufacturing, with a unique collection of innovative and dynamic startups and smaller premium companies. The group has long experience with industries like transportation, health and high technology electronics. The headquarter is in Fredrikstad, Norway, and most of the companies have an international approach and a large share of exports.

eker group has
progressed innovative
designs for over 35 years

meet bård eker

Bård Eker is a Norwegian born and based Industrial Designer, Entrepreneur and Innovator. He is an Industrial Designer by profession with education in Industrial design, Engineering and Architecture from Pratt Institute in New York and Statens Håndverks og Kunstindustriskole in Oslo.


Eker Group is comprised of six active companies:

– Eker Design

– Eker Performance

– EpiGuard

– Hydrolift

– Hydrolift Smart City Ferries


our progress,
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Nordic Aquafarms, One2Touch, Safeback, Solisteam, Pinovo,  Ecar, Rudskogen and Dark Design Group. The insight we gain and contribute to these companies has proven valuable for the entire group.

Nordic Aquafarms offers land-based aquaculture with production of sustainable seafood close to large markets.

One2Touch is an embedded hardware and software engineering services company specializing in Near Field Communication (NFC).

Soilsteam use steam as an alternative to chemicals to clean the soil. They give farmers the possibility to remove pests and weed without use of chemicals.

Pinovo supplies innovative and patented technology for dust free abrasive vacuum blasting of industrial surfaces.

Electric Car Arena Racing is a groundbreaking, global sports entertainment experience for motorsports and gaming fans everywhere.

Rudskogen is the national center for motorsport In Norway. It consists of a motorcycle and car track , a go-kart track and an area for enduro.


DARK DESIGN GROUP consist of the companies DARK Architects, LARK Landscape, Zinc, DARK Stavanger and DARK Fredrikstad.

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