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Bård Eker is a Norwegian born and – based Industrial Designer, Entrepreneur and Innovator. He is an Industrial Designer by profession with education in Industrial Design, Engineering and Architecture from Pratt Institute in New York and Statens Håndverks- og Kunstindustriskole in Oslo.

Eker has left his mark on development and innovation at a number of leading Norwegian and International companies. He is an owner of several high technology companies and is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a proven history of working in the design and development industry. Eker serves today on multiple boards as Chairman of the Board and Board Member.

track record

Bård Eker is best known for his companies within Eker Group.

Eker Design  Scandinavia’s leading provider of turnkey industrial and mechanical services.

EpiGuard  Innovative medical isolation and transportation systems.

Hydrolift  Recognized producer of high-end boats and vessels for the private and professional market. Launching first high speed electric boat for consumers.

Hydrolift Smart City Ferries  Ambition to revolutionize the future transportation system.

Bård is also known for his earlier commitment to the sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg and the high-end projector-manufacturer Projectiondesign® to name a few. Several years in the industry has given Eker and his team prestigious awards:

Red Dot Design Award – 3 times

Norwegian Design Council’s Honorary Award – 2 times

Award for Design Excellence / DOGA Design Award 16 times



Bård Eker is an experienced and popular Keynote speaker. For the past 30 years he has inspired and motivated industry leaders as well as young students with his own experiences. As a skilled innovator and entrepreneur he is also used as a visionary speaker for several industries.



Bård’s adventure, enthusiasm, and interest in engine technology and speed has made him a World Champion. For several years he participated the UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championship, and won the gold medal in 2005.

The offshore racing history, pushing the limits to the edge, har been the  classroom of designing world class performance boats. Through the most effective hull design he created a unique driving experience for Hydrolift boat owners.

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