Eker Design creating Military Sea Drone

“If someone had said five years ago that we would be delivering something like this, I wouldn’t have believed it,” says Bård Eker in an article written by Fredrikstad Blad.

Eker shoot-260
Bård Eker discussing new projects – Photo: Anti

The war in Ukraine has changed everything

With an unstable world situation and ongoing warfare in Europe, there has suddenly been a greater need to explore new weapon concepts to ensure a modern defense. Eker Design has collaborated with a Swedish industrial giant SAAB for several years on various concepts and has now introduced yet another concept where they mount containers with ground-launched glide bombs on electric, autonomous boats.

New consepts from several Eker Companies

A radar can detect weapons in use, and rapid movement or constant mobility can be valuable to avoid destruction. In this regard, Eker Group can deliver several concepts from existing products initially developed for completely different maritime purposes. Europe is full of waterways where seafaring carriers of both missiles and radar can perform important tasks.

F15 FOP - missile closed_web
F15 FOP – Render: Eker Design

Within the Eker Group, much of what has been developed earlier in terms of maritime transportation can be used for new projects. Also, by incorporating autonomous smartness from the Eker company Hyke.

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