Eker Design

Founded 1989
Headquarter Fredrikstad
Industrial Design

It all started in 1989 in the Old Town of Fredrikstad. A one man company that gradually developed into a turnkey design agency for national and international clients.

Eker Design is Scandinavia’s leading provider of turnkey industrial and mechanical services, with experience and capability to cover the whole product process in the 3 disciplines; Design & Development – Logistics & Production – Sales & Marketing.

Eker Design is located in beautiful nature surroundings outside of Fredrikstad, with a set of buildings housing design and visual communications studios, engineering studios, model workshops, metal workshops, rapid prototyping facilities, pre-production, printing and photo studio. The crew consist of 30 highly engaged and motivated individuals, in a young, creative,  high paced working environment. 


  • Red Dot award received for Zivid One by Zivid Labs. 2018
  • EpiGuard AS. Developed the EpiShuttle in cooperation with Oslo University Hospital. Received DIA Award in 2017.
  • Hydrolift P-42. Design & Development  Fast Patrol Boat with 10 models.   Received DIA Award in 2017.
  • LOYDS PAXSTER. Design and development of electronic vehicles for delivery of mail. Key activities; user involvement and observations,                    ergonomics studies.
  • SAAB. Exercise with SAABs management to enquire the company.
  • Projectiondesign AS. Responsible for design & development/process & logistic.
  • Stokke AS. Design &development including production set up services.
  • Koenigsegg Automotive AB.  Design and know how.
  • Hydrolift AS. Design & development services.
  • ASK. Design & development for ASK ASA. Bought by InFocus LTD.
  • OSLO HOVEDFLYPLASS GARDERMOEN. Bård Eker / Eker Design was involved in the design and development of the new main airport.

Eker Design HQ

Torsnesveien 210 B
1634 Gamle Fredrikstad