smart city ferries


Hydrolift Smart City Ferries is a Norwegian company established in 2019.  Combining the insight of global warming, urbanisation and congestion with seeing large free spaces represented by rivers rivers running through major cities in the world, the idea of using the waterway as main source of transporting people and goods was developed. The rivers in the big cities are not well utilized and can relieve traffic on the roads. Hydrolift Smart City Ferries will contribute to smarter urban mobility.


The HYKE ferries will be 100% electric and autonomous in a modular design with focus on low maintenance costs. Integrated in a Smart City network, the ferry service (FaaS) on demand will contribute to enhanced passenger experience.

Compared to a 30 year LCA on a conventional diesel ferry,  using NS 3720 as a source, the savings with this solution will be

– 91% CO2 emissions savings

– 50%  OPEX savings

your passion powers our progress

The future of mobility will be green and connected. Hydrolift Smart City Ferries will make smart, emission-free mobility accessible to a wide range of cities through an integrated solution that puts underutilized waterways to good use.

Our vision is to be more than just a ferry. We will be a provider of an integrated mobility system which connects to the smart city. We will start with the ferries as it is in the underutilized waterways we see the biggest inefficiency gap.

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